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    Purchase Your Air Track Mats from Australia’s Leading Supplier

    Thanks to our air track mats, your little gymnast can practice tumbling, mid-air stunts and floor-based tricks from the comfort of your home, and you can rest assured our products are safe and easy to store when not in use. We don’t use cheap materials for our mats, and thanks to our reputation for excellence, we sell air tracks to clients in the UK, the USA, Canada and the EU. Whether you want to replace your old equipment or set up a gymnast’s paradise in your backyard, we have the perfect solutions for you.

    The Importance of a High Quality Air Track Mat in Australia

    Here’s why an increasing number of gyms are replacing their conventional and cheap-quality equipment with our innovative air track mat:

    • Let your aspiring gymnast finetune their skills: Your child may love practising gymnastics so much that all they want to do is keep tumbling when they arrive home from the gym. Unfortunately, you may not have enough space for conventional tumbling equipment and mats, but you’ll likely have room for one of our lightweight and compact air tracks. When nobody’s using it, you can store your air track in the cupboard.
    • Learn new stunts quickly: Compared to competitive equipment, our air tracks allow your gymnast to spend more time in the air, meaning they can learn new skills before they’re physically ready. By being able to master new stunts in mid-air, your aspiring youngster will be able to accustom themselves to conventional gym apparatus quickly.
    • Reduce fatigue: Our solutions let young athletes perform a higher number of repetitions than standard equipment, which prevents them from tiring too quickly. This extra practice will help your gymnast to hone their skills efficiently and unleash their full potential.

      Benefits of an Air Track in Australia

      You should consider purchasing a high quality air track for sale in Australia for the following reasons:

      • Save storage space: As mentioned above – you might not have enough room to keep conventional equipment out of sight, but you almost certainly have ample space to store one of our solutions. When deflated, our air tracks for sale are so compact that you can keep them in your bedroom cupboard. Moreover, you can collapse and inflate our products within a couple of minutes using the included pump.
      • Reduce the risk of injuries: Unlike conventional tumbling mats, our air tracks are soft on the body, placing little impact on joints and bones, which significantly decreases the risk of accidents. If you want to keep your youngster out of harm’s way while they practice their hobby, our air track is the perfect solution.
      • Improve your skills faster: Why only exercise at the gym when you can perfect your sport at home using our state-of-the-art air track? You can set up our solutions wherever you like, whether it’s a spacious room, the garden or the beach.

      About airTrakpro

      airTrakpro, has been the leading supplier of air tracks in Australia for years thanks to the safety, versatility and durability of our solutions. All orders come with pumps, storage bags and repair kits, making our air tracks for sale extremely high value – and never cheapening on high quality. If you want to learn more about our innovative product range, don’t hesitate to call us.